Statement 2015

Life is an experience. Art is an experience.
 In my work I nurture humanity, beauty, and greatness.

I am interested in promoting fundamental human contradictions, exposing face-to-face instances of opposing truths.
Isn’t right and wrong a matter of values and perspective?
I am interested in questioning our culture, our values, and the imposed laws.
I am interested in bringing awareness about our human condition and its essence.

The world is full of parallel contradictory processes.
 Through art I celebrate beauty and embrace life.

Statement 2008

My work is an evolving self-portrait, a song to personal tensions and obsessions. I grew up in a rural environment surrounded
by animals. I attended school in Cienfuegos, Cuba with a concentration in sports. As I awakened to adolescence, all kinds of
juggling and experimentation took place, including the sexual. My life changed profoundly as I discovered the feminine, the
other, the great power it exerted over me.

Before art, it was sex that seduced me. It was my bridge, an indescribable experience that transported me to eternity. I’ve found
the erotic is an abysm, a predecessor to everything else. This inspires my work to revolve around the human impulse, the fall
and resurrection of man, his Gomorra and his Eden.

I am interested in promoting fundamental human contradictions, exposing face to face instances of opposing truths. Are not the
pure and the obscene a matter of perspective? Occasionally, I find myself confused, finding beauty in the obscene and
obscenity in the pure. In sex, life and art, boundaries are in the mind. I am convinced that sex, as much as love, stimulate the
flowering of the flesh, and with it, the resurrection of the spirit.

I am not interested in painting reality as it is, with its recognizable perspectives and colors. My passion is to give shape to my
feelings. I believe in artists as creators of poetic imaginariums. I’m moved by the power of graphic illustration, the seduction
and the precision of the comic, the freshness and cruelty of cartoons.

I paint obsessively, restlessly, feverishly, triggered by the torture of the creative impulse and the certainty that erotic stimulus
generates multiple and varying reactions to be explored. I continue to search for concrete answers, I can only attest that every
experience is a hallucinating battle.