La Sangre Llama. Personal show in Havana. Oct-Nov 2016

La Sangre Llama. Personal show in Havana. Oct-Nov 2016

After ten years of living in the US, I went back to Havana to show my work at Centro de Desarrollo
de las Artes Visuales (CDAV). This is my first solo show in Cuba, curated by Cristina Figueroa.

La Sangre Llama. Retratos 2012 – 2016 is an intimate exhibition of family portraits.
The main piece is a series of 17 diptychs (17 love stories from my family tree).
After making several independent drawings about my family and some self-portraits,
I started working on this series comprising 34 pieces. I attempted to deepen into love stories
of my family in order to understand and live my roots from drawing.

I come alive through each person I draw.

Each piece is a diptych as a love story is a union of two parts. Everything has to do with my obsession with love,
desire, and the need of finding my ancestry. These pieces are true stories of my family (including myself).
Each piece features the real name of my predecessors and reveals facts about my family.
Every story reveals secrets and mysteries of the couple, its culture, and its time.

I made the drawings based on my experience, real interactions, photos, family secrets, long conversations
with my grandmothers, and my own subconscious.

“What is the essence of the human condition? Love, betrayal, history, the past, family, illness, death.
None of these portraits escape from those circumstances and in them we find the beauty of distortion,
the ugliness of love, the grotesque as an aesthetic. In the works of Sarmiento motherhood hurts, love hurts,
sex hurts, life hurts … and leave scars. “
– Cristina Figueroa

The show will be on view through November 25, 2017.
at Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (CDAV)
San Ignacio esq. Teniente Rey, Habana Vieja
phone: 78018111 ext 106,

Thank you to Cuban Contemporary for their support and persistence in making this happen.