Burning in his own hell

Burning in his own hell

Edge Zones Art Center is showing my work this June of 2010.
“Burning in his own hell” includes recent paintings and drawings and it’s curated by Carlos Luna & Joaquin Badajoz (who also wrote an essay for the catalog).

Thank you to Charo Oquet for her support and generosity.

“It is a thought-provoking inner voyage in which the irreverent and scandalous artist proceeds to peel himself like an onion whilst finally
encountering his bloody flesh.
He’s the witness, the victim and the murder, the hooker and her pimp; and like Baudelaire and Bukowski
a chaste lover and a pornographer:
poetry and obscenity are the two halves of Sarmiento’s Paradise, since he bridges the antipodes”.
– J. Badajoz

Janet Batet published a write up in El Nuevo Herald that could be read here.
Jesús Rosado shared his opinion in Tumiamiblog.
Miami New Times published a short write up by Sean Pajot that could be read here.
Generación Asere made a video of the opening night.

Images shown above:
Burning in his own hell. Acrylic on canvas panel, 14 x 11 in, 2009.
Joaquin Badajoz, Sarmiento & Carlos Luna (photo courtesy of Elsa Roberto)
Edge Zones Art Center, the opening night.